I am a user and advocate of technology

I am a 1998 graduate of Mills College where I received  my bachelors in Computer Science. After graduation I worked for 8 years in telecommunications doing software development and software testing at Tellabs. In 2006 I decided I wanted to transition out of telecom and into website development and I went back to school. In 2010 I graduated from Indiana University’s School of Library and Information Science where I received my masters in Information Science.

I am a website developer

Starting in 1997 in my dorm room at Mills College, I started building websites. I worked for the college and my title was “web author”. I loved that title, now it seems so quaint! The internet was young then and there was so much exciting work to do! Since that time, I have been building and maintaining websites.

In 2009 at Indiana University my department sponsored a trip for me to attend the Information Architecture Summit in Memphis. As part of their sponsorship, I was asked to blog about the conference. I decided to give the blogging platform called WordPress a try. I had so much fun learning and using WordPress that since that time I have been a huge advocate for WordPress. 

I am a teacher

I started teaching courses at Moraine Valley Community College in 2012. 

Since 2012, I have taught 12 semesters. Each semester has taught me a great deal about how to connect with students and engage with them in a way that excites and invites them to learn.

I started teaching Introduction to Computers and then moved on to the Microsoft Offices courses teaching Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. In recent years, I teach “Website Design: WordPress”. This is a course I absolutely love teaching! WordPress is an incredibly amazing website development platform and watching my students create beautiful websites is a joy.  

I am a student

I believe in being a life long learner and lately the more I learn, the more I realize I have so much more to master. In 2018 I graduate from the WP Elevation Blueprint course. I learned so many actionable skills, tools, and techniques to help me elevate myself in my business and how to deliver exceptional service to my clients.

I am a mom and wife

Not much I can add here. These two are my greatest joys!
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