LFN Textiles is a website owned by Laura Foster Nicholson. Laura’s site allows her to showcase and sell her exquisite ribbon and textiles.

On this site I created galleries to show off Laura’s work, a blog that she regularly uses to write about her art, and her merchandise for purchase.

I built this site on WordPress.

Lenart Lion Pride is a group committed to supporting Lenart students through programs, family events, volunteer work, and teacher support. Working together to provide Lenart students with the best learning environment possible.

On this site I created an integrated calendar with the school calendar and a news and activities page to promote and highlight the LLP sponsored events.

I built this site on WordPress.

ICLEA.org is a website for the Illinois Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Association.

The site has a blog where job postings are added and quarterly meeting minutes are available for all visitors. In addition, the site solicits  partnerships with vendors and relationships with other organizations.

I built this site on WordPress.

810 Church Street is a website I built for a home sale in New Harmony, Indiana.

The site highlights the smart upgrades to this cozy home, the large garden, and the restored, historic barn on the property. Prospective buyers were driven to this website and the sale of this home was efficient and quick.

I built this site on WordPress.

China & Graham is a website I built for my wedding!

There are lots of wedding site website tools on the market but since I build websites I wanted to make our wedding website very personal and have it be an expression of Graham and me. On this site there is information for the family and friends that traveled to our wedding and also a little bit of our story.

I built this site on WordPress.

Stuff It Pet Beds is a family owned company based in Rodchester, Illinois that makes pet beds. The beds are made in Chicago, are environmental friendly, and are durable and comfortable.

This site allows shoppers to research the beds, watch an informational video, and see the products in a variety of colors and sizes.

I built this site on Shopify.

Murdoch Estate Sale is a website I built for Caroline and Tom Williams of New Harmony, Indiana to market their large estate sale.

The website gives an extensive overview of the items in this large estate. Williams Estate Sales used this site in their advertising and it drove customers to their successful sale.

I built this site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Wolverton Mountain is a website for Al Campbell. Al is a writer, traveler, and professor who lives in Crown Point, Indiana and he uses his site to write several hundred articles a year, posts video interviews, and his travel photos.

When I inherited this site, I completely redesigned every aspect of this site. I selected the page layouts for the article pages, photo pages, and interview pages. I made the header graphic. I also integrated social media throughout the site.

This site is uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. test

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