WordPress Care Plans

First, What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website platform. To learn more, read my previous post What is WordPress.

Why Does WordPress Need to be Cared For?

The WordPress platform is always being improved and refined.

In order for your site to take advantage of those improvements, you need to update your WordPress version.

When you keep your site up-to-date you have these advantages:

  1. your site has fix bugs applied,
  2. your site has access to new features,
  3. your site has better security, and
  4. your site visitors enjoy improved performance

How Does China Dostal Website Development Care for Your Site?

My purpose as your site administrator is to ensure that your site is always live, performing at its best, and secure.

Since I build WordPress websites I know how to keep them running in great shape.

Taking care of your site means that I take regular backups of it. Then I check to see if your version of WordPress, your plugins, and your themes are up-to-date. If they aren’t, I update them. After the update, I check that your site is running well.

Do You Always Need to Update a WordPress Site?

The short answer is no.

You can let your site get out of date but there are serious draw backs to this approach. When your site is not up-to-date you risk your website’s security and can miss out on new features.

Sometimes it is imperative that you update. If you don’t, you leave your site vulnerable to being hacked.

So if I Update WordPress is that it, am I Done?

Again, the short answer is no.

In the world of WordPress you also have WordPress plugins and WordPress themes. Plugins give your site enhanced functionality and themes make your site look great.

Plugins and themes are also always being enhanced. So these need to be updated too.

Can You Save Money and Do It Yourself?

This is a new short answer, as this time the answer is yes!

You can log in and click upgrade when your site is out of date. But what happens if the update doesn’t go well? Have you taken a backup of the site? Do you know how to recover and get your site back up and running? If the answer is no, then you need website assistance by someone who had done it hundreds of times.

Also, when you manage your own site and things don’t go well and you need immediate assistance, that work can be costly.

Any Final Words?

As a user of a site, you might not even know it is a WordPress site. You also might not know that it needs updating.

I do. I keep up-to-date on what is changing in the environment and I diligently work to ensure your site is performing at its best at all times.

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