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What is inbound marketing and how can it help elevate your business?

Does inbound marketing sounds like a buzz word? This article will make this term seem less foreign, I promise. Can you answer yes to any of the following three questions? Are you ramping up your business? Are you trying to attract new clients? Are you wanting to be more ‘findable’ to potential customers when they

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How to Easily Make a Video and Get it On YouTube

Don’t know how to use YouTube for your business pursuits or personal interests? First, let’s have some fun and learn some amazing Youtube facts. Did you know any of these incredible statistics? YouTube has over 1 billion users, Each day those 1 billion users watch a billion hours of video, This platform reaches certain age

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What is WordPress?

The most distilled answer I can provide is WordPress is a web based content management system (CMS). Your next question might be, what is a CMS? Again, the most distilled answer I can provide is a CMS helps users easily manage the creation and modification of digital content. There are lots of CMSs out there,

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